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Our main office number has changed!! Please call (270)879-1235 and we will gladly help you with all your party planning needs. (270)313-7531 is still active but that number is an emergency number. Thank you for your cooperation and sorry for the inconvenience that this may have caused.


Make Your Next Party an Incredible Inflatable Party!!

Welcome to our site! Some people call them Moonbounces, Moon bounce, bounce houses, and inflatables, but we call them FUN. Our inflatables are the safest you can find, not just because we have high quality well maintained units, but we go above and beyond industry standards to make sure our guests are safe. We go out of our way to find inflatables with the most safety features plus we use safety mats on each entrance and exit of our units and clean them after every booking. We are state inspected and we are one of the few companies in Kentucky that are safety certificated and insured. We guarantee all of our units are the safest and cleanest you can find. You can view our different inflatables here, read our rental agreement, or contact us about your next Incredible Inflatable party!

Fun's not over yet because we don't just have inflatables but also entertainers. That's right! We have Magicians, Jugglers, Facepainters, Balloon animalists, and more!!!!!!

Check out our used inflatables that are now for sale they are currently in use but upon purchase, they will be removed from the inventory, cleaned and stored until delivery.


We have updated the site and have added concession equipment (ie. snocone and cotton candy machines). With many requests by our amazing clients, we have created some specials which are now excess-able from the hot specials tab. This tab will be updated with long and short term deals. Though we already have competitive pricing, we seemed to pull off even greater deals with concessions and entertainers. Now, we truly can say we have everything for your party besides the cake! So give us a call and we will set you up with what you need.

At Incredible Inflatables, we want to say THANK YOU to our loyal customers that still continue to give us feedback to further our success. Without you as our awesome customers and without your awesome feedback, we would not be able to provide the best service around!


Our main phone line is experiencing technical difficulties due to Apple's newest update of their ios 6.1.3 patch. Please contact us at our alternative numbers: 270-879-1235 or 270-801-9580.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused. Thank you.

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Safety Mats:

As our strive to constantly improve on every aspect of our business we have started instituting safety pads on the entrance and or exit of every single inflatable ride we offer. All of our safety pads hold up to the ASTM F1292 standard and can help prevent concussion from heights of up to six feet.

This is a new safety measure that is recommended through the SIOTO training that all of our employees at Incredible Inflatables are trained thoroughly. Next time you rent an inflatable, check to see if your inflatable company follows this safety measure. Here at Incredible Inflatables, we feel that cleanliness and safety are our #1 priority.

Whistles For Inflatable Attendants :

According to ASTM standards for F24 (Safe Inflatable Operation), all inflatables must have a trained attendant present. This is a common practice and we can easy and quickly train you through the safe manner of operating the specific inflatable you rented, as we and most other companies do. However, one thing that most companies don't do is give you the proper equipment to operate your inflatable in the proper manner. According to ASTM, all inflatable attendants must use a whistle to correct children in an inflatable instead of yelling at them. Here at Incredible Inflatables, we are going to be giving you your very own whistle that you can keep after the event.

We can also upon request supply you with our own attendant that can watch the inflatable for you if you so choose.

Philadelphia, PA American Inflatable Road Show (AIR Show)

9/2012: We have returned from the AIR Show in Philadelphia and we have made some great new purchases for our 2013 season! Needless to say we also will be having some inflatables that will be up for sale since our new units for rent are replacements for some of our older ones.
Currently we are replacing our:
  • 45' Obstacle course
  • Tropical C4 combo
  • 18' enclosed slide
    Please See our For Sale page for pricing and descriptions.

    All of these units are for sale but are currently still renting out (except for the former Tropical C4 Combo), and will be still renting until purchased since each are still in good shape, it is just time for us to rotate out some of our older stock and bring in the new.

    Our new Inflatables are as follow:
  • 45' Obstacle course known as the “Delta Force 45”
  • Tropical Combo known as the “Tropical Combo”
  • 20' water slide known as the “Fire N Ice”

    Please see below to have a sneak peak preview of our newest units and safety precautions.

    We also took several classes in safety and training have brought several new ideas back with us which some will be instituted immediately and some starting the new calendar year. This shows how much we care about quality products and the safety of your children. The decisions were hard and we decided to go with some units that were a bit more expensive but they had so many more safety features that we feel it was a no-brainier to add these to our inventory.

    Please read below for our new safety measures and to read about our new units that we have brought back to make your party not only a incredible inflatable party but also as safe as possible.

    Delta Force:

    A sneak peak preview of our brand new 2013 45' Obstacle Course that we like to call our Delta Force. (Shipment ETA March 2013)

    Delta Force 45

    Do you have what it takes to battle your opponent all the way through this 45' obstacle course? You will need to jump, crawl, climb and slide to beat your opponent to the end. Starting at the inflatable arches and quickly over the horizontal wall, it's a quick drop to the tunnels that lay at the bottom. Army crawl your way up toward the rock climb wall to the top of the slide and down into the finish line.

    Safety Features:
  • netting over the top keeping the kids from jumping out and from standing up at the top forcing them to slide down properly.
  • Netting around the sides of the unit to keep the vinyl cool in the summer and allow high visablity when attending.
  • long firm footholds and handgrips on the rock climb wall to help prevent falling down the slide.
  • ASTM standard safety pad at the front entrance of the unit

  • Dimensions: 45' long, 9' wide, 15' tall
  • holds up to 2 person or 500lb limit at one time

  • Price:Dry:$250.00+ Travel Charge
    Travel charge based on zip code click here to see yours.

    Price includes:
    -Insurance -Teardown
    -Setup -Pickup
    -Cleaning -Sanitizing