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Tropical Combo

Our Tropical Combo is one of our favorite and innovative Wet/Dry inflatables. Part of the reason that we love this unit so much is because it addresses the problem of the bounce area getting too slippery once it gets wet. When water gets on the vinyl it causes the kids to slip and lose their balance with serious injuries being a real possibility.........but not anymore.

This unit has incorporated specially built heavy duty non-slip material on the entrance ramp and on the entire jumping mattress virtually preventing kids from slipping. The 15 L X 10 W bouncer has a basketball hoop and drainage system built in. With a simple garden hose that is connected to the unit upon delivery the kids can bounce, climb up the ladder and push off onto the 32 sliding lane whipping around a 90 turn and splashing down into the pool. You may also rent it as a dry bouncer and your kids can bounce and slide well into a good nights sleep and that we know is worth every penny!

Wet or dry, you have an amazing combo unit that can be rented dry in the fall and spring and wet for all your summer back yard parties!

Safety Features:
  • Non-slip vinyl on the bounce pad for when it is wet.
  • Draniage hole in the bounce pad to remove water when going out wet.
  • Totally enclosed misting system built into the inflatable itself so kids cant access and damage it.
  • Hard pvc filled stairs to give a firm footing to prevent falling down the ladder.
  • Extremely high slide covers so that you want get any velcro burn as you slide down the slide.
  • Bouncer entrance velcro's shut to keep riders saftly inside unit and no potental of falling out.
  • Safety mats underneath the pool when going out wet
  • ASTM standard safety pad at the front entrance and exit of the unit

  • Dimensions: 27' long, 17' wide, 18' tall
  • Holds up to 8 people or 800lb limit at one time

  • Price: Dry: $190.00+ Travel Charge*
    Price: Wet: $230.00+ Travel Charge*

    *Travel charge based on zip code click here to see yours.

    Price includes:
    -Insurance -Teardown
    -Setup -Pickup
    -Cleaning -Sanitizing